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Welcome to I Don't Get It.

This comic is about an ordinary guy who gets an opportunity to go on a quest with the grim reaper.

It's been 9 years!

Wow that's a long time. A lot has changed for me over the years. Sometimes I kick around the idea of doing more web comics. Sometimes. But I don't really plan to. Who knows what the future holds? WooOOooo!!


I know I haven't been consistent with this and nobody is reading it, but it's fun, so I'm going to continue to add to this even if I neglect it for a year here and there. I'm working on a new page right now, so it should be ready tomorrow or the next day.

Just Kidding!

I decided to give up on the After Earth's Ashes storyline and go back to the old one with Ankh and Death. I also decided to go back to the old style where I hand draw it in pencil, go over it in pen, go over some of those lines in marker, fill it in with color pencil, and then scan it in.

It's been a while!

Sorry about the inconsistency. If I have any readers left, here's what is going on now. The earth blew up, and that is where I was going to end it, but I decided it would be a good jumping off point for a continuation with a completely different plot. I'll try to put up a new page every few days. Right now I am trying out some different ways of doing it. Page 4 of Out of Earth's Ashes will be done in Photoshop using my cool pen tablet thing, as opposed to my old way of doing things with hand drawing and using color pencils and then scanning the page in. We'll see how it goes.

Also, check out http://www.diosianchronicles.com. It's a site I'm working on that features some artwork and a book series I am working on writing.

New Stuff Soon!

Don't worry guys, I'm working on the next page right now! I'm getting tired of this particular comic, so I think I'll end it soon. Maybe not. Whatever. You'll find out whatever I decide.

Howdy, folks!

Now that I have a visual style that I think looks pretty good, I will try to make regular updates to this comic. Hopefully I will get around to putting up a new page once every few days. Happy reading!

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